Women's Bible Study

Better:  A Study in Hebrews

Access the weekly teaching videos here.  They will be posted at the end of each week, so that

you watch video after you've completed that week's homework and participated in your group discussion.  

Please, do not share the videos.  Due to copyright restrictions, these are for registered study attendees only.


9/18    Week 1- Hebrews Introduction (there is no homework prep for this week)

9/25    Week 2- Better Than Angels

10/2    Week 3- Better Than Moses

10/9    Week 4- Better High Priest

10/16  Week 5- Better Promise

10/23  Week 6- Better Hope and Covenant

10/30  Week 7- Better Tabernacle

11/6    Week 8- Better Sacrifice

11/13  Week 9- Consider the Faithful

11/20  Week 10- Run the Race

11/27  *Thanksgiving Break*